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Children Embracing in Circle

All children and young people should be given the same opportunities in life regardless of their experiences, disability, age, sexuality, gender, or religion.


At Motherwell Care, children feel cared for, happy, healthy, safe from harm, able to develop, thrive and fulfil their potential.

We lead the way to a brighter future.

How We Work

About Our Home

St. Augustine's House embodies a "home from home" ethos, prioritising the welfare and safety of its young residents. Recognising the diverse backgrounds and experiences of children and young people, the home endeavours to cultivate a healthy environment where they can gradually acclimate and thrive. Situated in a residential area of South Croydon, the property boasts a welcoming and secure space tailored to meet the needs of individuals with emotional and behavioral difficulties, as well as learning needs.

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Careful adaptations ensure that St. Augustine's House provides a safe, suitable, homely, and enjoyable environment. Comprehensive fire precautions and communal areas facilitate socialisation among residents and staff. The layout features an open-plan kitchen and diner, fostering a family-like atmosphere where children and young people can engage in meal preparation as part of their independence and life skills training.

The spacious bedrooms, some with ensuite bathrooms, offer privacy and comfort, allowing residents to personalise their space while completing homework or engaging in leisure activities. Additionally, the home includes an office space for staff to work and securely store records, doubling as a sleep-in room when needed.

Outside, the garden provides ample space for recreation, featuring amenities like a trampoline to promote physical activity and enjoyment. Maintenance of the property is conducted promptly and to a high standard, ensuring a safe and pleasant living environment.


St. Augustine's House prioritises community integration, with convenient access to resources such as parks, cinemas, bowling alleys, and swimming pools. Health and well-being activities are promoted through access to local sports and leisure centers.

Emphasising the importance of family ties, the home encourages family time whenever possible, fostering healthy relationships that benefit residents during and after their time at St. Augustine's House. The dedicated staff team, consisting of full-time and bank staff, ensures round-the-clock support and supervision, with a management on-call system available for advice or rapid response as needed.


Through collaborative efforts with families and multi-agency professionals, the home sets and achieves personalised goals, preparing residents for successful transitions into semi-independence or alternative arrangements.

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