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Residential Support Worker

Residential Support Worker

Responsible to:

Responsible for:

Working Patterns:

Contract Type:


DBS Disclosure Level:

Registered Manager, Deputy Manager & Team Leader


Shifts - Monday to Sunday

Full Time - Variable Hours

29 St Augustines Avenue, South Croydon, CR2 6JP


Purpose of the Role

St Augustines House is an Ofsted registered children’s residential home offering care and support to children aged 8-17 years with emotional and behavioural   difficulties. Our residential home is fun, friendly and though there are   challenges too, everything we do is dedicated to creating rewarding experiences – for those we look after and for everyone in our team.

To perform in accordance with the homes policies and procedures in delivering best practice care and outcomes, whilst always adhering to the legislative frameworks of Ofsted and the Quality Care Standards.

Nature of the Post


Key Duties and Responsibilities

1. Provide effective safeguarding of children & young people in our care

  • Always adhere to safeguarding and best practice, operating in line with PACE & Team Teach policy and training

  • Ensure all necessary risk assessment are up to date and accurate

  • Support colleagues to consistently work within safeguarding and best practice policies and procedures at all time

  • Demonstrate understanding of the ‘Whistle Blowing’ policy and when to evoke the  ‘Escalation’ policy

  • Positively  engage with all parties including external multi agencies as and when necessary

  • Always maintaining an environment of safety to reduce the young people from any form of potential harm or abuse

2. Supporting and developing the children & young people’s mental health and wellbeing in our care

  • Ensure all aspects of care are applied consistently in line with the homes policies and procedures, Children's Home Regulations, Quality Standards & Social Care Common Inspection Framework (SCCIF)

  • Participate in Child Looked After meetings and complete the necessary paperwork to support these

  • Apply  effective methods to ensure the wellbeing of our children & young people, which includes risk assessments, care plans, learning about the individual etc.

  • Continuous review & understanding of behavioural management plans

  • Adhere to the set boundaries for each child & young person to ensure a consistent team approach

  • Understanding and working within the individual health care plan needs of each child & young person which may include but is not limited to:

➢ Dietary plans ➢ Administering & recording the use of medication ➢ Support in attendance at all health appointments

  • Work in partnership with multiple agencies to obtain the right support for each child & young person

3. Equip children & young people with independent life skills and development activities that builds confidence, independence, appreciation of equality and diversity

  • Working within the agreed ‘Care Plan’ for each child & young person, and evidencing through tracking and monitoring their progression via our personal support plans

  • Assist children & young people to aspire by including them in their personal support plans to set goals and helping them in achieving this

  • Support children & young people in developing key life skills from basic personal care, sleep hygiene, daily chores, shopping and financial management/savings/pocket money

  • Encourage, support and mentor the children & young people to make informed decisions and take responsibility for their actions and understand the possible consequences of these decisions

  • Supporting the children & young people have a good appreciation of equality and diversity by showing respect for all and taking time to understand wishes, feeling and cultural differences

  • Support and enable the children & young people to access the community services(where applicable) in a positive and responsible manner

4. Encourage and motivate the children & young people to engage with the education system in a positive manner

  • Support and encourage educational attendance

  • To ensure where transport is required, to make the necessary arrangements to ensure the children & young people commute safely to school

  • Help and support children & young people in updating and completing homework/school diaries

  • Attend school meetings, events and trips

  • Identify & attend potential activities that support educational development that will benefit the children & young people

  • Research, plan and support educational activities and resources

  • Promote positive behaviours and actions by supporting this through appropriate reward systems and sanction

5. Understanding the legal framework which will identify the section of care the children & young people are placed

  • Understanding the hierarchy and the escalation process i.e. when a Social Workers, IRO etc need involvement with the children & young person

  • Facilitate and support family contact and relationships where applicable, by organizing the transport & supervised visits.

  • Ensure confidentiality is not breached at any time, understanding to differentiate what information can and can’t be shared.

6. Conduct administrational tasks and domestic duties in order to demonstrate to the children & young people the importance of a clean home and clean work environment

  • Carry out necessary domestic duties and low-level maintenance work including gardening (light bulbs/decorating) within the home environment

  • Accurately complete all the necessary paperwork, inclusive but is not limited to:

➢ Maintaining manual and online daily records and observation

➢ Contact notes

➢ Logbook/handover

➢ Monthly/weekly reports/updates

➢ Medical treatment forms/medical books

➢ Body maps

➢ Post contact logs

➢ Incident reports

➢ Budgeting expenses (petty cash) requests and receipts

➢ Concern sheets

➢ Physical intervention log

➢ Sanctions/rewards logs

➢ Health and safety building checks

➢ Weekly planner, meals, activities, residence meeting logs

➢ Shift planner

➢ Key worker logs

7. Delivers key work for children & young people

  • Participate in visits prior to admission and to help support the transition of the child & young person in as quickly as safely and comfortably as possible.

  • Establish and maintain appropriate and professional relationships with the child & young person, ensuring you adhere to the homes policies & procedures around boundaries.

  • Help and support other colleagues to follow the agreed approaches and care strategies set out in the Placement Plan

  • Ensure all appropriate case files are organised, maintained and stored securely.

  • Ensure all necessary paperwork i.e., risk assessments, records and placement plans are up to date, prepared and collated in readiness for Key Worker meetings, CLA reviews and Placement Plan reviews

  • Help to monitor and evaluate the effectiveness of the placement plan and care strategies, feeding back to the relevant parties accordingly.

  • Attend and contribute to any relevant professional meeting in relation to the child & young person.

  • Work in partnership with colleagues to assist the child & young person in developing and maintaining social, recreational, cultural and religious links through daily living activities inside and outside the home.

Enablers to the Role (Skills, Knowledge, Experience) 

✓ Diploma Level 3/4 in Residential Child Care (England) qualified or working towards 

✓Good communication and listening skills 

✓ Demonstrates a caring nature 

✓ Excellent organisational skills 

✓ Recognises cultural diversity 

✓ Good team player 

✓T rack record of showing initiative and sharing ideas 

✓ Experienced in being assertive and consistent 

✓ Accurate record keeper 

✓ Sound knowledge of equality and diversity 

✓ Takes accountability for own training and continual professional development 

✓Ability to work within a 24/7 operation

General Statement

Motherwell Care Ltd is committed to safeguarding and to promoting the welfare of all children and expects all staff and volunteers to share this commitment.


This list of duties and responsibilities is by not exhaustive, and the post holder may be required to undertake other relevant and appropriate duties as reasonably required. It may be amended from time to time, to take account of changing trends in social care relevant legislation, together with Employment Law.


The post holder may be reasonably expected to undertake other duties commensurate with the level of responsibility that may be allocated from time to time.


Equal Opportunities

The company supports Equal Opportunities (EO) in Employment and opposes all forms of unlawful discrimination on grounds such as colour, race, nationality, ethnic or national origin, sex, marital status, disability, sexual orientation, religion or belief and age. You are expected to comply at all times to the Company EO Policy and Guide to Equality document. The above job description forms part of your Main Terms and Conditions of Employment.


The above is not an exhaustive list of duties and you will be expected to perform different tasks as necessitated by your changing role within the organisation and the overall objectives of Motherwell Care Ltd.

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